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Custom Acoustical Products

Because every interior environment presents its own unique acoustical challenges, Custom Acoustical Products has developed an extensive line of acoustical solutions. Custom Acoustical Products wall and ceiling products can be customized to provide your project with maximum flexibility in solving your design or sound problems.

Available in a wide variety of core materials, finishes, sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and mounting options.  Manufactured for quick installation and minimum on-site fabrication. Complete technical support is always available.

Custom Acoustical Products is an Industry  leader  in the design & innovation of:

  • Acoustical Wall Panels
  • Acoustical Ceiling Panels
  • Custom Ceiling Clouds
  • Custom Hanging Baffles
  • MLVB Septum Acoustical Panels
  • MLVB Backed Acoustical Ceiling Tiles
  • High Impact Acoustical Panels
  • High Tack Acoustical Panels
  • Custom Tack Boards